“I Am Not Gay, It Is Evil”-John Dumelo Cries Foul

For the last two months, Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has been in the news for the wrong reasons. He was reported by a Nigerian website to have raped a housemaid in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria where he shot a movie.

Though he denied the rape allegation, he is in the news again, this time he is lambasted from the same website for taking part in a gay movie in Nigeria. John said he is not gay.

So are you gay? Was a question posed by GhanaCelebrities.com to John Dumelo. After uncontrollable laughter the actor said “Ahhh! I am not gay, homosexuality is evil. The way I like … (Pause)”.

John revealed this to GhanaCelebrities.com in a chit chat last Friday at the premiere of ‘The Game’ at the Silver Bird Cinema in Accra that he is not gay. He said it was a movie he shot while in Nigeria. He gave out little of the story.

“Yes I did a movie in Lagos titled "Men In Love". It was a gay movie. In that movie, I was under a spell. My best friend put me under a demonic spell. He then abused me to satisfy his gay pleasures. When you watch that movie, it actually doesn’t promote homosexuality”. John fought back.

“It regards homosexuality as an evil thing. At the end of the movie, I was prayed for and the demon just came out of me, then I apologized to my wife and family, so it doesn’t mean am gay. It was just to create awareness that people who are actually gay most likely are under demonic spells”.

John described the headline as crap but believed those people behind the story were in fact trying to promote the movie hence the story.

“Most probably they are trying to promote the movie because the headline was too crap. The movie has not come out yet, they have not watched it yet they are saying am promoting homosexuality. No”.

So what is he doing about the story? John said “I have actually contacted them to re-write the story. The movie hasn’t come out yet so people shouldn’t judge and when the movie comes out, they will know am not actually promoting homosexuality”.

“The movie makes homosexuality look very evil. No body wants to come out to do homosexuality movie. You know movies educate and inform so when people watch such a movie, they will know its true homosexuality is indeed evil. So that was the only reason why I did that movie”.


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